Food Origin Identification

Animal Species Detection

Animal species identification in meat and meat products is a matter of great concerns such as religious, economical, legal as well as medical aspects. We can detect almost every possible species in meat product by DNA based method in PBT laboratory and also quantify the relative amount of each species in meat products.

Fish Species Identification

Fish Species determination specially in conserves to prove authentic and genuine products has become increasingly important for the trade of products of animal origin in recent years. We offer DNA based methods and reference procedures for fish species identification, in raw and processed food and feed, for example, Caviar, Tuna Fish, and et cetera.

Plant Species Identification

DNA barcoding uses specific regions of DNA in order to identify species. . These days there is plenty of frauds in precious product like saffron, olive oil and the other expensive materials.We use DNA barcoding to identify specific plant species in food and food product.


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