GMO Detection

GMO Screening Test

The first step to identify whether agricultural products contain GMOs or not is GM Screening. We can test all kind of samples needed to consider GMO, for example corn, soybean, canola, rice and et cetera, and also we perform screening test for processed food and feed (crude oils, snacks and …).


صفات تغییریافته ژنتیکی در محصولات تراریخته تجاری

GMO Quantification Test

GMO quantification is required, because agricultural products that contain GMOs can unintentionally mix with non-GMO foods and feeds. This means that GMO quantification is required across the entire supply chain to prevent cross contamination where GM crops can unintentionally enter non-GM food and feed production.


آزمون تعیین کمیت و یا درصد تراریختگی

GMO Event Specific Test

The approval of GM crops and GM-derived products is regulated in different countries by respective regulatory bodies. GM crops approved in one country do not necessarily have the same approval status in another country. Event-specific methods, targeting junction region at the integration locus between recipient genome and inserted DNA, exhibit highest specificity for GM identification which help you to identify the exact event of your samples.


غلات و دانه های روغنی2


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